Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Tonight I am making insincere comments on people's flickr pictures to see if I get any return niceness.

I made a note of them all to send to my friend ponyintheair but Gmail has swallowed them all. Hopefully they'll return later and I can post them all up here.

There are some good photos of shiny red cars though.

Today school started and I ran around at lunchtime and was bored in the staff meeting so made some stupid jokes. In the afternoon we went to the infants school and learnt what to do if a child chokes - you can hit them on the back, or shove your fist in their ribs - and what to do if a child is dead - you can blow in their mouth and push on their ribs.

We got told a story about the latter. The man taking the course said that the last two times he has had to do blowing in the mouth and pushing on the ribs he kept the dead person alive for long enough for the ambulance team to bring them back to life, but he also said that both the people who were revived then died within two weeks. I thought that this was a little bit sad, and a little bit funny.

I also thought it was very funny when he said that if a person has gone into shock and is lying unconsious you should just leave him or her in the recovery position but that you should not give them anything to eat.

I now have an image of running up to an unconsious child with a plate of cake and saying "are you sure you won't have another piece of cake?" over and over again until the child wakes up.

I imagine chocolate cake would be most effective.

Check out my blog a year ago - ground hog day - if you did read that post through, i did, indeed, make the "I've gone blind" joke, as did my colleague Ollie who also wears glasses.

OK gave me back my comments - here they are...

hey, he looks like he's lovin' that bread roll. really cute.

is that clock in boston???

hey, that guy looks like he's really enjoying his hotdog. great capture!

Wow - what a contrast - we don't get shit like that over here in the UK! Well seen.

Great signage!

Wow, are those shadows or details? Great signage! (i accidently pasted it on the end, but what the heck?)

Great close up detail. Good DOF too!

Drinkin' rocks, self portraits rock. This rocks.

Hey, he's got, like, legs growin' out is head - coool!

this car ROCKS

good tones + perspective

Wow, what is it?

Lovely. Great blues.

very simple and lovely.

I am bored of doing that now though, as my comments started getting a bit nice.

Time to wash up.


The Reverend said...

Whilst bored at work I decided to type into Blogsearch the names of people I admired for their dubious and unusual qualities at school. I typed in David Trent, thinking of an extremely witty and surreal young chap full of promise and duffel-coat punk attitude. He had become a teacher, a surprise to most but actually a glimmer of hope in my mind at least for Gen Y or Z or whatever they call them. Imagine my surprise when I start reading the irreverent ramblings of an english primary schoolteacher, ramblings very reminiscent of a certain David Trent from WGC. Is it him I gasped? After scanning the archives for grainy pic clues as to the real identity of this Grandmaster of Education, I became convinced that this athletically built, fuzzy faced character was the one and only. As I sit on the other side of the world also at the mercy of 2 small related offspring, I wonder if 'Trento' would like to get in touch?
I have had sporadic contact with PP but not for some time now.
I really enjoyed reading your blog and am encouraged to realise that you have lost none of your rebellious spark or intrinsic wit. I have a blog that is related to a loose collective I am involved in, making art, DJing and generally winging about the world.
It would be great if you got in touch just out of some twisted nostalgic bent even if it was only to insult me with finesse! Can you guess who I am yet?
The 6 million dollar question now is what ever happened to Austin Spooner?

The Reverend said...

Try this

A Number