Sunday, March 26, 2006

FAO HP Customer Care

My computer started smelling of burning and wouldn't load up. I pulled out the plug. I plugged it back in. It wouldn't load. I went to system recovery. I read where it said "System Recovery, in this normal default mode of operation will not delete any DATA FILES that you created."

If it had have said "It WILL delete the data files" i'd have pulled the hd out and tried to get to the data another way, but it said "WILL NOT" delete the data files.

So where have all the pictures of my son, since he was born a year ago, gone?

Yeah, I know I should've backed up, etc. etc. but I would DEFINITELY have got the files back had I shoved the hd in another computer, as all the programs are STILL ON THE HD AS ARE THE OTHER USERS.

My wife is pretty pissed off at me.

What does HP offer by way of marriage therapy?


Anonymous said...

Hey. Same thing happend to me. Did you find your son´s pictures? If you did, please help me!

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