Wednesday, April 20, 2005


2 things I have done today.

1) Put the gravy powder in the cutlery drawer.

2) Put Polly's shoe in the nappy bag.

I meant, of course, to put the measuring cup in the cutlery drawer and the nappy in the nappy bag, but in both cases I was looking at the object I wished to manipulate with another object in my hand, and performed the manipulation with the wrong object. Both times I looked down to see what I was doing and was horrified.

(Geek note - I had to put "shoe i the nappy bag" in quotation marks to get a zero return. Shoe in a nappy bag did get an image, but it was irrelevant. Go on, have a go. Must warn you though, if it is a shoe in a nappy bag you are hoping for, you will be dissapointed.)

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