Friday, April 15, 2005


On Monday I came home early from school and went to Tesco to do the shopping. At Tesco I asked a girl why all the fairtrade coffee was on the bottom shelf and all the Nestle was right in my face.

She shrugged at me and said "I dunno,".

I asked her if she could move it up higher so that people could see it and she said "I dunno, I only been working here one week,"

I asked her if she knew someone who could move it up higher and she shrugged her shoulders and said "I dunno, I only getting work experience from language school,"

Then she carried on stacking her shelves.

On her own.

Why are the language schools sending students to Tesco on work experience? It must be to get experience of speaking English.


I did a job like this once, sweeping a factory floor. I walked out after 1 hour. It's kind of torturous to come to the UK to learn English and then be stuck stacking shelves isn't it?


Anonymous said...

when did you sweep a factory floor?

David Trent said...

at some minging factory opposite rank xerox. i was working for some poxy agency. they didn't employ me again after that.

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