Friday, April 08, 2005

Lucky Boy

The other day I guessed that the photo in Paintbox Jury was Easter by Patti Smith. Look what I won...

Alright, but Miriam has already got it, and I've got all their lp's anyway so a bit pointless. Elly likes Lucky Star, she sings "You cockney cows, jump up jump up."

Not good.

Who? What? Why?

I hate winning shit stuff in competitions because I then think that I won't win anything from the good ones. Other shit stuff I've won in the past have been tickets to see a disco shakespere play - didn't even go and "ready when you ready" a v. bad reggae compilation. However, I did once win a trip on a helicopter which they let me swap for £300 because I was going to Nepal on the day the trip was scheduled. That was definitely not shit.

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Anonymous said...

disco shakespeare? was it a midsummer nights dream? if so - i saw that in New York and it was good.

I once won a jigsaw of the Madonna true blue album cover. from smash hits.

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