Thursday, January 25, 2007

Low Flying Plane

On the way to the station on Tuesday night I saw a REALLY low flying plane. REALLY REALLY REALLY low flying. So low flying that I thought it was going to crash into my house.

I thought how terrible it would be if the plane crashed into my house.

I kept looking into the sky thinking "God, that plane is REALLY low, and it is heading towards my house."

I got quite anxious. Where would I sleep? What would happen to my guitars? My laptop?

My laptop was in the car with me, so I relaxed a little.

I opened the window to listen out in case I could hear a crash.

I couldn't hear a crash.

I turned on the radio but there was nothing about a plane having just crashed.

When I got home my house was still there. The plane had not crashed into it.

But if it had, it would have been a bit like this.

A Number