Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Today I was ringing up for a childminder for my daughter. This is one of those nasty jobs that we put off for so long that it becomes ridiculously titanic, but once I picked up the phone and started dialling I found it was very easy and even rather pleasurable.

Apart from the first call.

"ring, ring ring, ring ring, ri..Mreoire"

"Hello, Is that Melissa Ridgers?"


(Bit rude for a woman who has organic wholefood on offer for the little ones in a large house within walking distance)

"Hello, My name is David Trent, I got your name from Joy Strotter at the nursery, I'm looking for a childminder my two children, preferably to begin in January of next year..."

Whilst I explained this I could hear the odd sigh as I was speaking.

I was a little dissapointed in this - a rude attitude and sighing in despair as I spoke to her - what was going on? This was my first call because this woman had been hand selected for me by the woman at the nursery school. She said that this woman would suit me down to the ground, organic hippy food, child centered approach, looking after all the children as if they were her own, 3 children of her own.

She had warned me of one restricting factor but I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was.

"I'm in labour at the moment, this isn't a, pant pant, very good, sigh, time..."

Oh yeah, that was it - she was about to have a baby. 3 months ago.

"Super, good luck. Bye"

I'd have switched my mobile off.

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