Monday, July 04, 2005


I'm going to the supermarket in 3 minutes time to buy




Veg to go with Roast Chicken







Baked Beans

Canned Chick Peas

Other Canned Pulses

Organic Baby Rice


On Saturday I watched Live8. I liked it. I like Geldof too - as I said to Fenella, no Live Aid, no little Davo being influenced, no going to Nepal and saving the world like I did.

I liked watching the Killers, and I have been singing them all weekend. I didn't like the weirdo out of Coldplay very much. I really liked Madonna, and I've not liked her for years. I thought it was very moving when the african girl who was 10 minutes away from death was brought out onto the stage, and I nearly cried. I really liked Velvet Revolver. I din't think much of Robbie Williams or Mariah Carey or The Who - was that Zac Starkey on the drums with a shaved head or was it Kenney Jones or what who why? I didn't watch Pink Floyd. I really hate Pink Floyd. I didn't like McCartney or Keane or Travis. I liked Ricky Gervais and I listened to R.E.M. and I think they are really off the boil - how weird that they are playing so low down the bill, not in a reverse good way like Coldplay or U2, but in a fallen gods way. I enjoyed Sting. Only joking.

Summary - not as good as Live Aid, not as many U2 or Queen moments - well, no U2 or Queen moments, but a good thing. I am wearing a white armband today. If some of the kids in my class think about being good to people in Africa then that's enough for me. Then I read Stefz take on the whole thing and found out that I am wearing a sweatshop contradiction on my hand and now I'm confused and feeling a little bit guilty.

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