Friday, April 08, 2005

Healthy Meal.

I am going to lead the school in their healthy eating initiative, but I was woken up last night worrying about it. It is great that Jamie is saving our children, and he has done a good job.

However, at about the same time the government stopped us from serving home cooked food to kids they started giving us processed maths lessons and literacy strategies to teach with. Now, every year group except year 3, has 32 weeks of lesson plans written out on a daily basis for us to recite.

Reheat, serve - Jamie's not gonna come and save our classrooms from processed teaching though. Who will be our celebrity saviour allowing us to deliver a curriculum of substance and quality to the children? Their educational experience is presently as anaemic and bland as this piece of shit above, and is dictated to us en masse. What an almighty crock. Parents up in arms about the quality of their children's food whilst the quality of the lessons goes unchecked and down the toilet as we get kicked around and told what to do by those who insist that they know best.

We will never stand up for ourselves. We are lost little sheep bleating in the wind. Tony Blair must love Jamie Oliver. In the same kind of way that he must have loved Dr Kelly. Lets avoid any real blue skies and announce our huge cash spend for the kiddies tummies. It all ends up as shit.

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