Monday, February 28, 2005

Potato Headed Year 5

I saw a boy walking across the hall. He is a blonde haired year 5 child who looks a bit like a potato. He is always nice and polite. Today, he was bent over slightly, clutching a pillow to his ear.

"Why are you holding that pillow against your ear?"

"I've got earache."

I don't really know how that works.

Wow. Look at this. It looks like it is for real from a corporate event website. We did something like this on a much smaller scale today. I asked children to lead each other around the playground. The child who took the piss out of my gloves the other month didn't have a partner so I led him around blindfolded, then allowed him to lead me around.

It was a strange experience. First of all my partner told me "Now you're going to walk into a tree," and I shouted at him to stop mucking about or I'll take the blindfold off, and then he led me round the playground very well, saying re-assuring things to me to stop me feeling scared in my blindfold. At one point, walking down a slight hill, I felt scared and my heart beat a bit faster.

I went to the podiatrist today. She promises that I will no longer have to buy £120 trainers for running in. Then she charged me £120. She also said that all my back pain will go away and I believe her.

I got one of these to record Elly speaking. Today though I started using it to record everything I'm supposed to do, for example to blog about potato headed boy. It has increased my productivity. Usually my time after school consists of me walking around, drinking tea and getting involved in discussions about the best sort of exercise book or the rude behaviour of Barton Gilbert. Today though I did all the stuff I needed to do before I started mucking about. It has made me into a classroom tyrant, as I can play my memos to the children over and over again to make them do things, and is brilliant. A great thing to get if you're the kind of person who
ends up looking into the distance and trying to remember what music to download once you get onto limewire, or what book to get out at the library.

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