Sunday, February 13, 2005

I deleted my last post

Because fenella didn't like the picture. she thinks it is too big and that it will cause people with dial up to cry. All those of you who read my blog and have dial up have my sympathies. Here is a tiny little winkle sized picture for all of you. I hate dial up.

I had a baby boy. I had two weeks off work too. It was great not to be at work. Now I am having the children re-create web pages using powerpoint. The ICT suite is behaving itself this week, since the transmitter got replaced. Does this mean that the reason the suite hasn't been working properly since we purchased it was due to a faulty transmitter? Could be.

My legs hurt. I am wearing a strap around my knee. My calves also hurt. Standing up is enough effort to make me need to sit down.

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