Tuesday, January 18, 2005

It stings when you slap it...

Apparently, the clay that the children are working on stings when you slap it. Imagine 30 snare drums being thrown against the wall. That's the sound of my classroom as the children bang that air out of the clay.

I had more Kale for lunch in the form of a tomato soup. I added Sage, Fennel and Coriander Seed to my usual lentil soup, plus a can of tomatoes. It tasted good. My stomach now hurts a bit though - possibly due to some trapped wind. I am hoping to fart soon. I will blame it on a child when I do.

Lunch duty is the worst bit, as you have to go out at five to one and blow a whistle. Sounds easy, but for some reason it is almost impossible to haul yourself out there in time to blow. If you don't blow, none of the dinner ladies can go home, and they all get cross, but there is always the classroom to set up, a wee to be done and a cup of tea to be prepared first. Five to one on a Tuesday lunchtime is the nearest life gets to a real life anxiety crisis.

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