Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I am a dinosaur

What shall I do? Should I start using my own photos in my blog? Seems a shame. Googled photos look so nice. Mine will look horrid.

Supper tonight is more quinoa, with a black bean stew. Black Beans, carrots, celery, onions, tomatoes, garlic. Maybe some cottage cheese on the side.

I am excited. Jump London just arrived today. I have watched a little with Elly. She likes to watch people jump off buildings. She then jumps off the sofa. She does little parkour jumps off kerbs now, and clambers onto the small bollards at the hospitals as soon as she sees them. I will eat food in front of the telly.

I was late home this evening so didn't go running. The reason I was late was because a Numeracy consultant came to teach me how to teach multiplication. I responded by asking loads of cynical questions about the nature of what we are being asked to teach. I am experiencing a nasty kind of wave of new initiatives coming in once I've got to grips with the old ones, and feel myself getting old. I even bored myself during the staff meeting - god knows what my colleagues must have been thinking. I can see myself in 20 years time, sitting in the corner of a staffroom in a tank top with froth around my moustache, spittle sticking to my teeth as I try to chew up a grapefruit. I can hear the same old shit that i spout out now sounding progressively less and less radical and militant and more and more reactionary and tired. I am too bored to even think about this any more. I am becoming a dinosaur. The only way out is up the cliff face.

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