Tuesday, January 20, 2009


"Daddy, Mick has thrown sunflower seeds at my head and everywhere else."

I am cooking dinner.

They are watching telly.

I walk through to the living room. 

Mick has thrown sunflower seeds all over the room, coating everything in Sunflower seeds. 

I get the hoover, switch it on, hand him the extendable hose, and say "Clean it up."

He cleans it up.

End of story.

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Anonymous said...

Now Mr Trent.....

I am a parent of 2 children you used to teach- you and I often disagreed about things like SATS - I couldn't work you out - my kids started out being scared of you - (I think you threatened to leave them in the burning school if they didnt behave- in the event that the school burnt of course)- but ended up thinking you were really cool - now I have found your blog and realise you weren't a prat after all and have a wicked sense of humour EXCELLENT!!

A Number