Saturday, February 03, 2007

I am getting loads of hits at the moment because of my internet and real life buddy ponyintheair whose long awaited return has returned. Visit her site. Unless you just came from it.

If you just came from it, visit this site, because it's good.

I'm working on an epic at the mo, but I wanted to share my favourite search term of the week with you.

My favourite search term of the week is this:

make a man then fight man on the computer

I am the number one google result for this term.

How cool is that?

Oh, and my oven is broken.


and for all those of you who are related or who know me in real life or who care, my real life son called Mick is now off the antibiotics and no longer has a tube running up his arm and into his chest and if you say to him "Mick, where's your back brace?" he raises both his arms and says

"All gone."


Anonymous said...

i am also your #1 commenter.

Get the BBQ out and cook on that. It's sunday. Your children will really like watching you coooking out of the window while they keep warm.

i have a stand up comedy slot at the apple store next week.

David Trent said...

Wow. Can you steal an orange ipod for me please?

A Number