Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I need a new car

My car cost £50 to fill up today. That's loads of money. It's stupid. I need to cycle to school, but it's so sweaty and takes real forward planning to get clothes and shower gel at school.

Last lesson (it's my lunchbreak, my computer time is broked) a kid came up to me and said "Cwaai nat oila please?"

That means "Can I go to the toilet please?"

I said yes.

£50? Two weeks of petrol and I could buy a new mp3 player. Still, I have retitled father's day on the calender to "MP3 player X day"

That should get rid of the pic of Jagger.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday fenella!

yes, glad mick's gone away now.
oooh, just realised that my nephew has a very rock n roll name.

Anonymous said...

Hello David Trent.

You thought you were rid of me.

You were wrong.

Anonymous said...

Actually that looks a bit too menacing. Sorry. I'm Simon Poole. We went to Bulmershe together and then fell out. Congratulations on everything. I have no idea why I googled you a few minutes ago, boredom I suppose. My email is simon.poole@gmail.com if you're vaguely interested.

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