Wednesday, May 18, 2005

To C.E.O. of Supermarket X

Sent today -

Dear Sir,

Last week I brought an organic chicken from your store. When I came to cook it, 2 days before the use by date, it was stinking and dangerous.

I returned it to the store where they gave me a refund.

I was going to eat it that evening. I had to get in the car and drive to your supermarket to get something else. I had planned to eat chicken that night. My drive to the supermarket meant that I was 1 hour late to start cooking. This was too late for my family to eat. The whole situation was very inconvinient.

Whilst I was given a refund, I expected a refund and a new chicken, as Waitrose do, and as Tesco have done in the past when this happened to me. This was refused.

Why did I not get a free chicken as a gesture of goodwill? I now feel very angry with Tesco. I feel as if Tesco do not value my custom . I also wonder if Tesco will fine their supplier £25 as I have read is common practice with supermarkets, and if they will actually make a profit from the whole deal, whilst ripping off the supplier and shortchanging and inconviniencing the customer.

Yours sincerely,

David Trent

DAMN - should have been faithfully, not sincerely. Let's see what happens.

Take 10 minutes out of your day to annoy a CEO too - here's a bunch of addresses...


Got a reply:

Dear Mr Trent

Thank you for your email addressed to Sir Terry Leahy, our Chief Executive.

Please forward me your full postal address, I will ensure that Sir Terry
responds to your email in writing in due course.

Kind regards

Linda Kelly
Customer Service Executive to the Board

I sent her my full postal address. I hope they send me something nice. Maybe a suicidal chicken farmer's flat cap?

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Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm roast farmers flatcap - far superior to roast chicken.

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