Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I am letting my children do their own display boards. I have given each child half a display board and a choice of topics, and told them that I want a complete display by half term, which is next Friday. They get 30 minutes a day, plus a couple of afternoons a week. It's good for them to get some experience of totally unguided work and they are really enjoying it.

But look what Charleston and Jordy did...

Whilst I think this is hilarious, I am scared what my Head Teacher will do when he walks in and sees it. He thinks I am a bit too lowest common denominator and don't aim high enough. Should I make them change the F for a G?

Or should I just wait for the normal bollocking and then have something to blog about - yes, that's a much better idea. Expect to hear more on this one...

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Anonymous said...

i dont understand. why did they do that? i am sure there is a good explanation. maybe they know something about the greeks that the rest of us dont know about. i am very keen to see the end result.

A Number