Wednesday, May 11, 2005

10 minute blog

I have ten minutes to write my blog, starting from - now.

This weeek has been dreadfully boring. It is SATs week. After a year of teaching loads of really good stuff - how to write a persuasive argument - my kids wrote brilliant pro and anti windfarm and wristband arguments, how to write an explanation text, how to write mystery stories, how to write factual explanations and reports using technical language, how to use complex sentences, the difference between a compound and a complex sentence, the right way to punctuate a sentence according to the placement of the main and subordinate clause and loads of other stuff that I'd be able to list if the school caretaker wasn't standing in the doorway of my classroom shouting "Bye," and "See ya!" like a wally - where was I? Oh yes, the SATS, so after a year of all this hard, high pressure work the writing tests were...

1) Describe your favourite food - 20 minutes.

2) Write a playscript where a boy is trying to persuade his parents to let him stay up - 45 minutes.

Oh what an insult. What a monumental shift of goalposts from last years bonecrushingly difficult tests.

People who write the SATs, if you are reading this, you suck. You suck big time. I hate you all.

So, SAT's all morning, then PE for the rest of the day. Rounders this afternoon - always a bit of a hoot. 2 kids in tears and one child in a massive stroppy sulk because someone caught him out - surely that's fair? He threw his bat on the ground as hard as he could, and then, monumentally, threw the rounders bat at his team.

I bet he does it again before the end of the year.

Nothing really funny happened today. I hid Ollie's chocolate bar in my pigeon hole and we had a contest to try and spin the lid right off the coffee jar at lunchtime, but that's all a bit old hat and none of us really got into it like we used to in the olden days.

I have to go and pick up Elly from Nursery soon.

I read more about supermarkets this morning. I read all about the buyers and how they shaft the suppliers like mad in a power crazed mad menace. My sister is a buyer.

Polly brought a bottle of french wine because she'd heard on the radio that the french wine grapes are being decimated and re-planted with "industrial" grapes, whatever that is, so she thought she'd support our french friends and buy some wine from them. Reduced from £7.99 to £3.99. Good old supermarket X.

Your ten minutes are up. Please put down your pencils.

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