Friday, January 21, 2005

Do you want vanilla?

I am proud when my 11 year old children ask me if I want the text for the online forms that they are composing to be vanilla or not. The school network is ridiculous. I currently have 7 pupils gathered desperately around the wireless router trying to get their wireless cards to pick up a signal. When I suggest that they shut down and try again they tell me that they've already done so. So far the lesson is 30 minutes old and they've not even been able to log on. Crap.

Just finished the lesson. Trying to teach the forms function on Word to enhance the children's understanding of official documents. Only 7 computers working, and none of them really on the network, so when it came to saving all the work everything went tits up. Spent most of the lesson either on the phone to the people who installed our new switch ortrying to work out how to get some support from our ICT support people. We pay ICT support privately, but have decided that they don't want to support us any more because they are losing money with the amount of support they have to give us. This leaves us in the lurch, unable to afford their £300 a half day charges, yet with no-where else to turn.

Yes. Arrives tomorrow. Or Monday. Which am I more excited about? New baby or forerunner? New baby. Just.

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David Trent said...

You say mohunga, I say mohanga,
You say muhanga, I say mahonga,
Mohunga, mohnaga,
Muhanga, mahonga,
Lets go do the math...

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