Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Do I look stupid to you?

Literacy today seems to have been more about who can get hold of the most highlighter pens. I have enough for one highlighter pen each, but, of course, the children require 6 different colours each. Hilarious discussion involving trespassing and prosecuting, with one child, the one child in the class who knew what prosecution meant explaining to me that he would probably trespass on land which displayed a sign threatening prosecution, because "I am but a child, and the courts cannot prosecute children,"

Yeah, right, he'd go out trespassing just after his oboe lesson and before stamp collecting club.

After having said that I hate teaching maths yesterday, today I loved teaching maths. I taught the children to add 3 digit numbers today. They loved it. Funny how the lessons that I spend hours preparing to make interactive, futuristic and fun they hate and the ones that I teach off the page, half asleep and uninspired, they love love love.

I have just caught four kids playing a game called hiding seek tag. They were running in and out of the school playing it. I watched them playing it for 10 minutes before I asked them to come into my classroom and join the lunchtime detention I am houlding. They all did fantastic who me?'s to me, which inspired a ten minute shout. Best cliche? "Do you think I'm stupid?".

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