Monday, January 16, 2006

In envelope, to be sent tomorrow morning...

Dear Mr Howarth,

This evening, my wife and I were eating our dinner and we were discussing George Galloway.

We were wondering how he could possibly have any credibility left after making a fool of himself in the big brother house.

We came to the conclusion that no publicity is bad publicity these days, and it will probably work for him as an awareness raising exercise.

This led to us wondering who our local MP is. It was with some dismay that we realised we had no idea of our local MP’s identity.

My wife said “Our MP is a liberal democrat. I knew who it was when it was Anne Campbell, but I don’t have a clue who it is now.”

I am disgusted by our apathy, and wish to inquire what exactly you, Mr Howarth, in your capacity as my local MP intend to do about this.

Yours, in dismay,

David Trent

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Anonymous said...

What was his response?
i'm disgusted with you too - but for many other reasons.
not really


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