Friday, March 02, 2007

I am holding my breath.

"Mummy, I have wiped the milk off my face, can I whisper something to you now?" says Elly.

Elly is eating breakfast. Polly is drinking a cup of tea from her red cup.

10 minutes ago Polly refused to let Elly whisper to her because her face was covered with milk.

"O.K." says Polly.

Polly walks across the kitchen, bends over and puts her ear to Elly's mouth.

Elly does an explosive burp and then squeals with laughter.


My heart swells but a terrible moment of panic hits me.

What if she's been influenced by someone else?

What if there's someone funnier than me at her school?

"That was brilliant Elly, well done," I say.

"Yes, it's very funny," Elly says.

"That's right, burping is always funny," I say.

"By the way, who taught you to do that?" I affect an air of casual enquiry but I am holding my breath.

"You did."

I breathe out.

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Anonymous said...

milky breath burp...poor polly.

A Number