Tuesday, November 08, 2005


This is a car.

I got this very car.

It stinks of dog.

This is a dog.

I did not get this dog.

If I had, it would stink of car.

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Anonymous said...


I can sympathise. I purchased a VW Golf about a year ago. The previous owner had three huskies. She had bought the car for the specific purpose of driving her huskies to the park so that her other car (a Honda or Toyota, I can't remember) would not get covered in dog hair and smell of dog.

I don't like dogs mainly because they smell and are annoying but I like Korean food.

I went down the Freebreeze avenue and on the Magic Tree route until it became obvious that the combination of these strong synthetic smells wafting on an undercurrent of dog was worse than just plain and simple dog.

I spent about 4 hours valeting the car myself and and although after a year the smell has gone (or I am used to it) we I do find their white hairs sometimes partuclularly after using the blowers.

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